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found on the wall of a toilet cubicle, it is always good to know

found on the wall of a toilet cubicle, it is always good to know

Every day I realise how lucky I am that I was first born into a world where I am able to have dreams and to realise them, and that circumstances in my life led me to be able to complete this trip (I was single, have a career to fall back on and know that I will always have people at home to go back to).

I live on a budget of around 10 dollars a day, this is do able as I  do not pay for accommodation (I can count on 1 hand the amount of beds I have paid for in the past few months), I camp and ask to sleep in municipal buildings, preferring and needing to rely on stranger kindness.  I do not pay for water and try really hard to eat local food, I never drink in bars or go to restaurants.

There are of course unforeseen expenses though, such as having to replace broken or lost kit.  So far I have had to pay for repair of my laptop, shipping for new tent pieces, a new SPOT GPS tracker, which is frustrating but necessary.  More recently I have had to update a lot of my kit to deal with incredibly cold nights camping up in the Andes (On this trip it will go down to as low as -20c (-4f).

Some people have asked if they can give me any presents. And yes you would essentially be helping to pay for my holiday but if you too are an adventurer at heart, and like hearing about my tales then please consider a little gift to help keep me in oats and pasta.  Think of it as like paying for a magazine subscription or a book and I’ll do my best to bring South America to you via this site and I promise to send you a postcard.



please contact me with your address at so that I can send you a postcard if you donate.

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  1. Hannah

    I’m living vicariously through you Cherry! I love your adventurous spirit! I want to help power your pedals and get a roof over your head minus the duct tape! Xx

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